How to operate a doll shop to make money

is now in the social life, there are a lot of people are very fond of dolls, especially in recent years, some products have many years of flowers doll lovers welcome in the market, the shop also has a large market demand.

doll bouquet may everyone is not very understanding, doll bouquet is pure Handmade, not only beautiful appearance, elegant and vivid, but don’t lose the rhyme, as Valentine’s Day gift is appropriate. At the 2011 Valentine’s Day is coming, if you open a store in the new year after the doll bouquet is a good choice, but to do a shop like this, about the amount of investment in about 100 thousand, both from the decoration or location can not be careless.

/ step method

4: recruitment in the shop, also need to find a few waiters, preferably unified clothing, service is the foundation of the business to make money, must be strict requirements on the attitude of the staff, customers in the early stage, service attitude determines the store’s image, also determines the recommended


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