Tea store decoration has five tips

I do not know whether we are aware of the tea market, there are many opportunities in the tea market, if you have enough money, you can consider opening a tea shop, this idea is feasible. Tea shop decoration techniques are very important, we come together to understand.

1, signs: signs are permanent advertising, to stimulate the curiosity of consumers, caused the attention of consumers, for consumers to memory, but also reflects the style of tea, tea shops usually take most of the traditional style, rectangular plaque, with black lacquer background, gold plating characters as name, celebrity writing, carved. Solemn stately: or varnish painted wood color, with celebrity title, carved, painted green, elegant and modern decorative materials: can be used to form large built-in lights lit, with large eye-catching characters outside, constitute modern signs with according to your business premises and.

2, is the first hall window: window shops, it can directly stimulate consumer desire to buy as much as possible the design of several large windows, which can put a few attractive tea, such as tea, tea, health tea fresh advertising play loud, put some amount of tea, tea can be good in shape with transparent glass cups, every few days in some varieties, window lighting should be bright, furnishings tea and tea sets and tea to form a beautiful picture, and constantly changes.

3,   the shelves of the counter is mainly generous, smooth lines: we should use the wood to paint the imitation mahogany, also can use varnish made of wood color, it can embody the harmonious unity of more than tea, also can do some curio where a small bookcase, in order to put out the book with tea and tea. Conditional to a square table or table to use tea.

4,   the wall: the wall should be simple and elegant tea, usually with a wooden decorative board, paint color is good, and with reasonable tea paintings or introduce the relevant knowledge of tea promotional materials.  : Ground: the ground is kept clean, tidy, with marble, terrazzo, can also be used for paper, if the carpet is best to use green or gray, do not use the dazzling tone.

5,   light: the top lighting must be bright, usually with electronic fluorescent lamp, the brighter the better, counters, shelves are best equipped with green light, not red light. Dot: store embellishment is very important, can put a few potted flowers, appropriate or purple, porcelain, key according to the different characteristics of tea, different ideas, reach the role, must not be blindly piling.



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