Cake shop which business model crisis

shop business model is different, in the face of consumers to take the business strategy will be different, the effect will naturally have differences. Perhaps it is precisely because of the existence of these differences, so that some business models exist crisis. So, what kind of business model cake shop crisis? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

1, blind expansion branch

open 10 stores to make money, open 11 stores have lost money, which is spread in the cake of a curse. Industry expert analysis, when the scale of the enterprise development to a certain stage, corresponding to the personnel training, logistics warehousing, central plant and other supporting measures if not, it is easy to collapse, the collapse of haojiali countless brands are all fulfilled.

for many small and medium-sized cake shop, 1 to 4 stores is the start-up period, the most easy to make money, the boss is also the most easy personal expansion. At this time it is a good opportunity to establish a brand, the boss should actively seek to cultivate talent, standardized management of the system, and constantly improve the product and technology, good service, so as to establish a brand image. Blind expansion will only increase the difficulties in production management, but not make money.

2, conservative nonstriving

with blind expansion to the corresponding cake shop is complacent, do not make progress, some shop is easier to make such a mistake. For example, a small part in the faster development of the two or three line of the city, such as Zhengzhou, interviewed many villages in the shop, they kept a small store, can not earn a lot of money, there is no money, on the surface looked very stable, but anchaoyongdong.

urban development with each passing day, once the demolition of the village, the rent followed up, where should you go? The next is chocolate, Dole’s day and other major brands, what should you do? There are private baking scraper circle of friends, once the relevant policies and regulations strictly enforced, how long can you sell? How to diversify the profit model, or do you need to seriously think entrepreneurs!

3, profit model is too single

cake store profit model is too simple a lot of reasons for the fall of the brand, such as the rage of a single store, just a few years to join hundreds of crazy, and almost all closed. Explosion of a single product of this wind come fast, go too fast. So entrepreneurs have to have a sense of crisis, when selling a single product profit explosion, and constantly learn new technologies, many for their own left behind.

, for example, baked DIY these two years to do fast, DIY studio everywhere. In 2016, the state introduced a policy to limit this, how should you do? And refresh my circle of friends private baking, policy law


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