What are the requirements for the partner of Liangshan chicken

each chain of food and beverage franchise brands for their partners will have a selection process, because the franchisee is also in the achievement of their own. Choose a good partner, is the basic guarantee for successful cooperation. If there is no careful consideration in the choice, it is likely to lead to the failure of the store operation, and even affect the entire plum Liangshan chicken brand image. Each partner is put forward and its cooperation is of Liziba Liangshan chicken only to live up to the trust, is the largest Thanksgiving, so, in order to ensure that partners can successfully set up shop, to achieve sustained profitability, must meet the following conditions:

1. plum dam Liangshan chicken concept requirements for partners.

(1) on the basis of conscience catering, depending on the quality of products for life.

(2) entrepreneurial spirit: the success factors of chain stores include the desire for success and passion, as well as their ability to operate. Whether the partner is an individual or an organization, must have the entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to succeed, to be able to cause the cause of the plum dam Liangshan chicken as a cause to work together.

(3) agrees and accepts the management model and business philosophy of Liangshan chicken.

2. plum dam Liangshan chicken partner hardware requirements.

(1) has the financial strength to open stores and continue to operate.

The location of

(2) shop is in accordance with the requirements of Liangshan chicken.

(3) with hard work, down-to-earth quality, sincere, with the overall situation.

(4) has a certain network and local influence: the operating environment is good or bad, to the cooperation of the store in the local survival is of great significance. Therefore, the partners should have a good influence in the local, we give priority to a certain social resources of personnel or organizations.

if you want to join the brand and meet the above requirements, please leave a message below our website.


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