30 square meters shop started curtain cloth chain business story sharing

curtain fabric is used in our lives, this humble thing, but there are still a lot of business opportunities. A small curtain cloth broke out into a big world. Chen Haijian started from a small business area of 30 square meters of shops, and now has opened a lot of chain stores, and today we take a look at his entrepreneurial story.

business like to marry

1996 years, 20 year old Chen Haijian always want to do their own thing, in Yinchuan, the largest decoration City, the work of the experience of the "smart" to see the first line of business opportunities for the – shutter.

"huatailong" was the largest, but also for the blind number of operators. At that time in the work of Chen Haijian "huatailong" was very clear, up to 200% of the profits, processing and installation procedures are not complicated, relatively fixed supply, make "huatailong" because of this little blinds hardly earn a lot.


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