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women have normal breast areola, diameter 3-5 cm. But every woman’s areola size is different, the areola is too large or too small hidden in the end what secret?

What is the


is around the nipple and areola skin is not the same as that in a circle, it is the normal diameter of 3-5 cm. The areola is also a kind of pigmentation, so in different periods, the color of the areola is different: puberty rose red, pregnancy, lactation showed a dark brown, and the color of the areola is not deteriorate with age.

but because of individual differences, it is not according to the color of the areola to determine whether women fertility.

skin areola walking hairs and glands, glands is visible on the areola small protrusions, mainly used to protect the nipple and the secretion of oils and fats.

why some people areola big black?

large areola generally occurred in pregnancy and lactation, and accompanied by excessive or sagging breast. Normal areola diameter of 3-5 cm in diameter, if more than this, will affect the appearance of. But if the areola really is too large, can also be through surgery to reduce the areola. It should be noted that the areola is too large and not sick, so do not be too concerned about.

is the main areola black pigmentation changes, the possible reasons are: pregnancy, lactation, high estrogen. In addition, wear underwear does not fit, often by friction will make the areola areola black.

(energy-saving? How to deepen the color?

the areola black is sick!


with the increase in the number of sex areola will gradually become black, some women estrogen will seem too high, areola than others in black, but this is normal. While these areola black, is sick.

1 nipple and areola color deepened, and surrounded by double nipple and areola itching. This is likely to have cystic hyperplasia of the breast, must not be ignored.

At the same time

2 nipple and areola color can also be found in a small nodule formation, areolar glands formed around the protrusions, and physical examination and no breast lesions. This is likely to have liver disease, liver function decline of estrogen is not normal to the solution, the areola color deepened.

3 also appeared a lot of deeper areolar small nodules, the women may develop a benign tumor, the ovarian secretion increased, you should visit as soon as possible to identify the cause, timely treatment of gynecological.

In summary

, is part of our breast areola, must not be ignored. At the same time, we also want to know more about the password on the body, to distinguish between pathological and normal, just to make an accurate judgment when the abnormal.

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