The Golden Phoenix fly out and return to the Valley home business out of the new road

"Golden Phoenix" the word is usually used to describe young people admitted to the University from the country, once these Phoenix will choose to stay in the city of employment. Now, however, more Phoenix began to change the concept, will return home entrepreneurship into the future of choice.

Fu Yu Jie was

"4·"; 20 strong earthquake happened in Lushan, "I’m going to go home, because at that time concentrated on reconstruction had to shelve." Fu Yujie said, on the one hand due to family opposition, because the reconstruction is not yet completed, returning home business can only be delayed, but his determination to return home business has never changed.

2014 in September, his father permission to resign as Chengdu Yu Jie paid work, returning home to start preparatory work.

"Hanyuan all kinds of local products rich resources, more and more fame, with produces electricity supplier, very broad prospects." The Internet has long been engaged in the work for the business focus on Yu Jie now very the fire "Internet plus", after careful preparation, in March this year, Yu Jie pay "Chinese flavor" website officially launched.

At the beginning of

"website 2 months ago, not a single business, although I am full of confidence, the father was very anxious." Fu Yujie said, the big green cherry, yellow beef, flowers recommend


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