Should pay attention to three points before starting a business

business very meticulous work, not ready money, find the venture will be a big success, we must do three points before the start, the market survey, the company positioning, business model and other aspects of the corresponding one less.

A market survey,

is essential

first in the season, the laundry industry from 7 to October is the off-season, in this period should be guaranteed even the loss of mental preparation, which is not expected to him. The laundry business scale is more and more obvious, the laundry brand is excellent and advanced equipment continue to emerge, the competition is extremely fierce, and his laundry in mid 90s will also continue to use the pattern of a shop, two people, a machine, an area of 30 square meters, so how to compete with others?

two, choose the economic nature of their

The economic nature of

here, refers to the economic nature of the business license registration matters in terms of, roughly divided into the following categories: personal business (we usually call the self-employed), sole proprietorship, limited liability company, Limited by Share Ltd, etc.. For entrepreneurs, generally in the first three kinds of choices, and the different economic nature of its start-up requirements, rights and obligations, debt and debt are different. Therefore, the choice of the most suitable for their own economic nature, is also very important for entrepreneurs.


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