How do you make a shoe store by opening a female shoe store

many people are open to female shoe, because female shoe profit is very impressive, but many entrepreneurs have no experience, how to operate female shoe is not very understanding, so, how to operate the female shoe? Today, we start from the operating skills of this shop, look at the business should pay attention to what the shop.

how to run female shoe? Female shoe store owner if too warm, for customers is also a kind of pressure, therefore, to choose the best time for customers to help customers choose the right shoes!

A, customers stopped suddenly, said in a style of "love at first sight";

two, looking at something, have expressed interest in


three, carefully looked at a pair of shoes, means to buy


four, customers looking for labels and prices, means that has more interest, want to know the brand and price;

five, looking at products and looking around, might want to find help guide;

six, ask questions, that need your help;

customers to buy!

how to run female shoe? Customers will try to wear before the purchase, in the trial, the owners should pay attention to what things?

A, take the initiative to help customers shoes;

In the first

two, wait for the customer to try to end the consolidation;

three, try to evaluate the effect of properly, can be slightly compliments.


satisfied, satisfied!

how to run female shoe? Through the above understanding, we should have a new understanding of the female shoe store, right? To female shoe business, must do brand positioning accurately, and follow the market trend, timely purchase work, so as to bring more choices for consumers, whether or not you shop experience, businesses must have a full understanding of the industry.



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