After 90 boys placed ten days to earn enough to travel abroad

mom worked in sales, this year’s performance is more prominent, the company in order to encourage outstanding employees, reward her to Matera travel abroad, and also allows for free with a family member. I thought my mother will take me, who let me be his most painful son, who knows a few days before she actually said this time with Dad, the reason is a few times before domestic travel are with me, this "welfare" to give dad and Dad, she wants to enjoy "two people the world".

my gas, always pestering mom, let her take me to. Finally, be entangled, however, mother to the company to apply for a quota, but the condition is that the cost of self-care. "I don’t have the budget." Mom said, "if you want to go, to make money."

My Taobao soon bought a batch of products, small rolling knife sharpener, like a yo yo. Originally wanted to 1 yuan a, but I suddenly into the 5000, the boss agreed to sell me $0.8, my intention is to put a stall selling only $2, as soon as possible, after all, leaving me no time.

a travel bag, a piece of cloth, a knife, a stool, a waist hanging microphone, this is all my things. Yes, I have downloaded from the Internet to sell rolling knife sharpener jingle, spend a night time to memorize.

I have no choice to street traffic and more people like

, but the choice of the door, in the market I think, wandering the streets are basically young people, few have their own cooking, but buy old aunt, uncle, is my target customer groups.


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