Entrepreneurship regardless of the age of 91 to see how old entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship is a complex thing, not only to the brain, and sometimes even physical requirements, so the choice of entrepreneurs are generally young adults. However, this is not to say that the children or the elderly can not start, the following, small series will take you to a 91 year old entrepreneur legend!

91 year old boss business through

is not difficult to see, as the 91 year old, he is still struggling to work hard on the mall for the life of every day and happy, really do not know, some excellent conditions for young people, but also see a melancholy lost opportunity, in the end what not to harvest, this is not very sad what? Sun Di’s experience has given us enough inspiration.

see the above story, I believe you will be shocked by the old man’s behavior, was shocked by the old man’s business move, regardless of age, as long as you want, as long as you work, everything is possible!



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