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wet weight is very easy to get sick, so, once found in the body with moisture, it should be timely to wet, so as to prevent a variety of diseases. For wet heavy friends, it is necessary to know how to improve the wet weight, so as to stay away from moisture. So, how to improve the moisture important? Here is to introduce the improvement of the humidity three coup.

moisture important how to improve

1, diet improvement

wet weight friends can eat to remove the body’s moisture, thereby improving the symptoms of heavy moisture. In fact, many foods with the removal of moisture effect, like barley, red bean, mung bean, corn, celery, bitter gourd, wax gourd, couchgrass root and other foods, if often edible, dehumidifying effect is relatively good.

2, exercise improves

adhere to the appropriate exercise every day, but also to improve the symptoms of severe humidity. It is generally recommended to exercise for about an hour every day, you can walk, jogging, playing, swimming, yoga, aerobics, dance and other sports to remove the body moisture. Generally speaking, after exercise, body will sweat, sweat in these with plenty of moisture, so that the movement can dehumidification.

3 steam to improve

Khan is a popular way of health, in the process of steam, will accelerate the body to promote fat burning The new supersedes the old., and fat in the combustion process, the body will be fever, which requires through perspiration to heat, the sweat contains moisture, so, by the way can also steam go wet.

How to improve the moisture

important? For humid friends, might as well through diet, exercise, and other methods to rid the body of steam moisture, as long as we persist in a period of time, you can see the obvious dehumidifying effect. In addition to the above introduction of these three kinds of methods to wet outside, like a foot bath, bath, moxibustion, cupping and other methods, is also a good choice.


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