Entrepreneurs in the psychological preparation to do what

is now the college students’ entrepreneurship is not what fresh topic, but there are many students walking in the road, starting in the business, so investors should do what mental preparation for business? Along with the college students entrepreneurship plan competition in full swing, the discussion about college students entrepreneurship, the evaluation is more mixed. " entrepreneurship is good, but now we do not have the conditions of entrepreneurship, the most important is not strong professional knowledge,

One of the students of grade 04 in

also expressed the same view, he hope the school can conduct entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial training for students, cultivating entrepreneurial ability and quality of students, enhance the entrepreneurial awareness. For our hospital has just hired a visiting professor of government officials and entrepreneurs about the students to give a high evaluation, " entrepreneurs can enter the school, in a proper way to give students lectures, and selection of outstanding students to visit the enterprise practice can make students familiar with the business processes, operating conditions, the development prospects of the company, give yourself a clear positioning in the clear direction for future development of ".


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