Pregnant women’s health network during the change of female breast development

has a beautiful breast is the desire of every woman, I believe even pregnant women will not give up the pursuit of beauty. The breast can not only breast-feeding, but also one of the sexiest female pronoun. Many women worry about giving birth to the baby, after feeding milk will affect the beauty of the breast. What are the changes in breast development during pregnancy?

breast development during pregnancy

what are the changes in breast development during pregnancy? From the beginning of the fertilized egg implantation, because of hormonal changes, the breasts will begin to change. In fact, it is natural to give women a nature, in fact, in order to meet the needs of female children after birth breast-feeding. Moreover, during pregnancy, the degree of breast development will directly affect the amount of milk secretion after delivery.

what are the changes in breast during pregnancy? Female friends from the second months of pregnancy, the breasts will begin to slowly expand, become very soft. Due to the reasons of breast hypertrophy, there will be some bumps and similar substances inside the breast during pregnancy; breast development and breast skin, nipple areola blood vessels significantly increased, dark nipples will become more and more prominent.

throughout pregnancy, pregnant women’s breasts will continue to grow, until the last may be increased to two to three times the previous. So the breasts will feel swelling or pain. However, the pain will disappear, really hard if you can use hot compress and massage to relieve. After 5 months of pregnancy breast development there is a little bit of colostrum, this stage should pay special attention to nipple cleaning.

in addition, there are many aspects of breast development during pregnancy. Some pregnant women may find the breast are acute swelling heat pain or blood nipple secretion, cracked nipple, skin ulcers and other problems. The above situation must immediately go to the hospital for treatment. During pregnancy, do not ignore a variety of breast diseases.


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