Dig deep behind the story of wealth bigwigs

now looks glamorous wealth giants, people may not be able to imagine their initial occupation was a strong contrast, in line with the spirit of exploration, for the first job you collect let entrepreneurs unforgettable, interested friends can see.

Li Jiacheng first job is sweeping acts

primary school


on the beach digging salt, salt, salt pick, and later to Shaoxing tea plantation, cut rice, kiln, then Zong Qinghou was a sullen lost youth. Forgotten in the fate of the country, Zong Qinghou is a full 15 years to stay. The only way to escape the grey life is to look for some books.

1978 years, with a large number of educated youth back to the city, 33 year old Zong Qinghou returned to Hangzhou, replacing the mother of primary school teachers. However, due to their low level of education, the city back to the top of the job Zong Qinghou was arranged to belong to the educational system of Hangzhou City District postal circuit primary and secondary school workers carton factory workers. Every day, he faced a pile of cardboard, the only job is to keep doing cartons.

is worth $2 billion 500 million Dole food company chairman David · Murdoch, from high recommended;


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