5 factors of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial success is your choice, if you choose to venture this way, you will look forward to the success of the scene, instead of in case of failure problems since the beginning of the thought of failure is too negative or too unlucky. However, the intention to harm the unpleasant, but it should be considered at the beginning of the business.

after long-term business at the same time you, you have the right to choose their own direction, then you success and the odds will be high, but you know, you can decide to start. But your business is not determined by the spur of the moment, if you pause before the start, it is best to choose the work of this road. Because, although you have the opportunity to start a business, you have a good motivation, ideas are great, but based on the market, economic capacity, or family considerations, and now may not be a good time to start your own business.

The 5 major factors of


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