Good projects and good policies are equal to successful entrepreneurship

rural entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, not only has a good project, there are a lot of good policies, good projects and good policy is equal to the success of entrepreneurship. 2016 is a year of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs need to know how to seize the opportunity to act!

Yang Yang as   "first secretary", to identify suitable village development projects, and the village "two committees" to invite some experts in agriculture to the village of pulse weapon. According to the actual situation of the village is big gap and more forest planning cycle, they breed Jiuyuan black fowl forest breeding project, but also by the municipal department for 300 thousand yuan of project funds, making the subsidy program chicken.

of poor households filing cards 20 chickens within full grant chicks, chicken 21 – 100 per household subsidy of 70% chicks, a batch of chicken 101 – 200 only each award up 1500 yuan, 201 – 500         per;   award up 2000 yuan; 500, more than 4000 yuan per household premium. The other chicken farmers less than 20 subsidy of 70% chicks, 21 – 100 of the subsidy of 50% chicks, a batch of chicken 101 – 200         award each;   $1000, 201 – 500 of the household premium 1500 yuan, more than 500 each award up 3000 yuan.

at the same time, to build 1.5 meter high fence wire raising 2 yuan per meter subsidy, 1.8 meter 3 yuan per meter subsidies; the village committee is also responsible for the organization of professional and technical personnel to provide a unified and free vaccination for farmers to provide prevention and drug prevention.



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