Entrepreneurs how to manage the technology sector

to join the field of entrepreneurship in the Internet, for entrepreneurs, the most difficult thing is the management of the technical department. This is a core sector, in the entrepreneurial process has a great influence, then how to manage the technology sector?

management personnel can not easily understand the connotation of technical work, technical personnel and management personnel think communication is difficult. In particular, technical work, it is difficult to transfer between different people, many technicians have claimed that they can not continue to do the project.

this make managers feel love Poser special technical personnel, and they are very easy to be lazy. But as in the military’s theorem, the best weapon against a tank is a tank, and the best weapon against the carrier is an aircraft carrier. To manage the technical staff, we must understand the technology. This is a kind of any other so-called perfect management methods can not be replaced.

development is everything when writing the document to

for technical management, many companies will pay great attention to the document. Although the results of the development of the code, but for management, the code is often difficult to read, and few people are good at taking over other people’s systems. In order to let the code will not be discarded, the company executives to document the magic.

when should we write what documents, it is necessary to have a strict definition, and inspection process, rather than allowing you to perfect the natural development. The preparation of the code according to different types, defined in the various stages of the need to complete the part.

design documents – this type of document, often when the project module starts, everyone will think to write, for the discussion and resolution of the final results, obviously it is natural. However, after the project into the development, the practical problems encountered, often can not be completely in accordance with the original intention of the design to do, so the design documents at this time and the code out of contact.

API (Application Programming Interface) documents – modern software are hoping to improve the degree of reuse, so many programmers will build their own business API, so that after the development of the use of. And this business API, but also the basis of a lot of division of labor. This code will directly affect the day-to-day development, it is necessary to ensure a high degree of consistency and code.

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