11 thousand men posing as fugitives arrested for molesting women looking for stimulation

specifically looking for female police officers to pick up a man to call 11 thousand false police report, last month, was detained by the police. According to his account, posing as a fugitive police lied to surrender, that is, in order to communicate with female police officers to seek stimulation.

claiming to be fugitives, to surrender the alarm, but practical joke to seek stimulation. Recently, Chaoyang police in conjunction with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps, arrested a troublemakers.

in recent months the man repeatedly change the location, using a mobile phone number to call 110 hundred times. Due to the same content of each call, the number of times caused the police suspect, the police immediately carry out work to find the whereabouts of the telephone alarm. December 23, 2015 9 am, finally arrested in Chaoyang District East sanhuan.

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