Don’t be afraid of failure

today’s college students entrepreneurial team is constantly huge, many people have joined in. Although currently still studying at Zhongshan University, although college students are not optimistic about the venture, but from the traditional field to the mobile Internet, I have three consecutive business. Bold, adventurous, this is a lot of people to my evaluation, this year I will graduate, in the eyes of the students, has been very alternative.

when reading a sophomore in salt technology from the print shop owner learned, class service market profits are high, they will start to recruit a large number of students to do class service agent every year. When wearing my class service more than and 50 dollars a piece, the quality is fine, but it’s too expensive. The market is mostly about 30 dollars in class clothes, quality and style are quite poor.

Most want to go to

And when a friend

in her own, we decided to put the product concept and entrepreneurial story written in the form of a letter, and find someone to learn how to fold the letter envelope, then put the letter in the folded envelope. Each letter is made by hand, do not know who really thought it was a love letter.


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