Easy to make money with 30 golden ideas to share with you

everyone wants to make money, but to make money in real life often seems not so simple, many people want to start, want to be your own boss, want to get rich, so reckless, will make money look very simple, as long as the investment return there. But the results are not very optimistic, because money is to pay attention to methods, there is no good way even if you invest more money to establish the big enterprises, is not necessarily profitable, here and small share together, 30 golden ideas to make money, to help you easily make money.

1 business is to offer services and make contributions to the society, therefore, it is to earn a reasonable profit.

2 do not always stare at the customer, can not be so entangled?.

3 place is more important than the size of the store; the quality of the commodity is more important than the quality of the place.

4 goods are arranged in order, will not necessarily lead to good business, but is out of order of the store, often have customers.

The object

5 transactions as your family member. Whether can get the support of the customer, decide the rise and fall of the store.

6 flattery before sale service as customer service. This is the law of "permanent customer".

7 to the complaints of customers as "word from God", no matter what the complaint is, all want to accept.

8 do not have to worry about the lack of capital, the concern is the lack of credit.

In order to maintain the stability of

10 customers who spend 1 yuan, than to spend one hundred yuan to the customer, the business is thriving is.

12 to working capital. One hundred yuan turnover of funds for the ten time, it became a $one thousand.

13 to meet customers to return goods, attitude to sell more than the original and.

14 when a Mianchi responsibility shop, or husband and wife, is to get rid of the customer "recipe".

15 sell good commodity is a good thing, for good goods for publicity is a good thing.

16 to have such strong confidence and sense of responsibility: if I were not engaged in the sales, society would not be able to complete the activities.



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