Bai Li lotus lotus leaf rice new year good choice for small business

lotus leaf contains the taste of childhood, there is the taste of the grandmother, the fragrance of the lotus leaf into the meal, coupled with the delicious dishes, such a family meal, so that people can not forget to eat for a long time. 2017 is about to come, the old year is coming to an end, at the end of the year you want to make a good new year to earn a.

100 lotus lotus leaf rice, brought both characteristics to you, and small business projects, let you make money more easily. Bai Li lotus lotus leaf rice to join, full time business to get money into the money is not closing, from time to time. The new venture, 100 lotus lotus leaf rice let you surely do the boss.

lotus leaf rice has a history of more than 1 thousand and 300 years. Guangdong on the lotus leaf rice records, can be found in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty "Guangdong language": Dongguan rice hybrid fish of various taste lotus leaf steamed, fried rice and fragrant, called. Another Zhuzhici wrote: " lotus leaf rice pan Tang as lotus pond, North Korea and sisters to pick. Do not pick lotus lotus leaves, rice wrapped lotus flower than flowers. " 100 lotus lotus leaf rice, the characteristics of delicious lotus leaf rice to eight diners taste.

100 in the lotus leaf rice, lotus theme health fast food, steamed, fried, stewed, boiled, baked carbon, everything is complete, the ten series of the delicacy is no longer difficult! Started 5 square meters shop, a few minutes quick meal, 24 hours of full time income! Without experience, no money, no kitchen art, let you also earn money, bring a special to your small business project.

100 in the lotus leaf rice continue to pursue research and development of new flavors, from the original 6 flavors of rich to dozens of flavors, give more diners choose better enjoy! 100 in the lotus lotus leaf rice ten series of classic delicacy, and collocation with special snack, highlights the delicious flavor of steamed rice, 24 hour special collocation flavor, unforgettable.

new year entrepreneurial projects, hundreds of lotus lotus leaf rice let you surely do the boss. A different dining environment, the characteristics of the business model, a variety of dishes, simple production process, so that the franchisee business feel relaxed.


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