About Yang Guo armed sixteen years how to cut nails three questions

recently really poor sleep quality, there are three problems, let me have no appetite: one is Yang Guo armed a personal life for sixteen years, how is the fingernails cut? The two is the practice of super typhoon Jiuyin-Baiguzhao for so many years, how to wipe my ass? Three is Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai turned into a butterfly, butterfly life is only seven days, they do not become a bastard, can live for thousands of years?

A, Yang Guo armed a personal life for sixteen years, how is fingernails cut?

there is a cat’s paw, because the loss is also large, so also continue to grow new, home cat friends must also have a profound understanding. Of course, there are some animals in the nature of other strategies, such as sharks, depending on the number of teeth to solve this problem. There are many rows of shark teeth, teeth in front of the fall, the back up.


the above example is to illustrate many animal has a similar problem, but can be solved without the aid of tools. In fact, it is very simple, that is biting nails. This method since even a child knows, Yang Daxia no reason not to know.




Japan’s royal family is said to use onion skin, this is a kind of material is very strange, thin and crisp, and they go to engage in so many advantages? I doubt that.


used by the French


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