Barbecue restaurant investment budget analysis

barbecue has been a popular food and beverage market consumption, popular hot, very worthy of investment. So, how to open a barbecue shop? How much is the amount of investment budget? Entrepreneurs who want to open a barbecue shop can be optimistic about the Oh, small weave barbecue shop investment budget and management guidelines!

A, expert advice — reduced investment budget scale to reduce costs

decoration investment budget: 3000 yuan (simple decoration)

the initial purchase funds: 4000 yuan

two, the investment budget management analysis, pay attention to the details of what

on the location, experts said, universities, white-collar concentrated area, station, downtown, these places are not ideal, the first is the rent is too high for this, Mr. Zhang primary entrepreneurs, can not afford housing; second is relatively tight, it is difficult to find. In fact, the most ideal place is the residential area of the periphery, more houses and prices are low, early entrepreneurs can withstand.

the size of stores also determines the profit level, 40 square metres Yishiyiting more suitable for fledgling entrepreneurs, in addition to the store, but also has a debris piled up and put a bed position, work tired can rest.

three, on the marketing of investment budget proposals – flexible operation make characteristics



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