Foshan billion fund to guide innovation and entrepreneurship to promote economic restructuring

The key is the

venture financing, venture funds is difficult, in order to help more entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial companies to better development, Foshan is only to guide billion fund innovation and entrepreneurship, promote economic development better.

Foshan municipal government set up a

enterprises from Shunde Kede environmental Polytron Technologies Inc is one of the docking of the participating companies, the Board Secretary He Yuanwen told reporters that this is to want to get double guide fund support, and hope that the docking of upstream and downstream industry resources.

what may said, at present Foshan financial Invest-holding Company has into the capital of their own enterprises, holding 8%; cooperation during nearly half a year, what prayers think the government brought a lot of good to the enterprise in the information policy, etc.. On the other hand, she also hopes to cooperate with the government and the management of fund venture deep depth docking, "venture deep in the domestic status and influence is relatively large, if the docking cooperation, are of great help for the management of the company, business, talent promotion".

and vice president of Guangdong gold Mdt InfoTech Ltd Wei Ge said, hope that the government investment fund in addition to support, but also more flexibility. "I think (double guide fund) is very helpful for many Foshan creative small businesses, because of their light assets, the risk is big, therefore the bank and three party are not willing to invest and financing difficulties; if the government venture capital funds can have a higher degree of flexibility, help them money to work better that will be for Foshan’s recommendation


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