Can it be profitable to provide school transfer services

is a family that once had a child, spending will be different, people have busy going out to make money, however, once the children to school age, the shuttle has become plagued big problem parents. In short, children to school has become a headache for many people, in such a background, why not do a key school shuttle service station? Business is going to be great.

operating points:

first, school children shuttle service station need to contact the taxi company, the agency will be responsible for shuttle students grouped according to a group of 4 people, and determine the location by the shuttle, taxi company sent a car to school on time every day to the shuttle shuttle site, agency to pay the taxi company out of the bus fee per month. Second, to fight for the support of schools and parents, and actively promote the benefits of sending children. Third, to arrange the transfer of each may day, to ensure safety.

revenue analysis:

school children shuttle service station, you can rent a room for the office, usually contact the business and after school children make individual difficult temporarily retained, can rent the general apartment, because there is no special requirements, the annual rent is not too expensive; hire a business personnel, responsible for the business and then regular home visits, to understand the situation; hiring a part-time legal adviser, a total investment of about 30 thousand yuan to this.

school children shuttle service station can make money? Let’s look at the benefits of each month to send student fee 600 yuan (equivalent to each student pays only 150 yuan per month), if you contact the shuttle station near the 5 primary school shuttle operations, each primary school has 2000 students, 1 students need to transfer to (in fact, far more than this proportion) to calculate the monthly. The gross income is 15000 yuan (5× 2000× 1/4=25 × 600=15000 yuan), deducted from the monthly payment of 7500 yuan chartered (25× 300 yuan / month), annual profit 90 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan without investment, annual net profit of 60 thousand yuan.

now countless parents of the children transfer problem, therefore, if the professional can provide such services, will naturally be countless parents recognized, broad market, nature can easily make money. Of course, if you want to send a child service station business is booming, make a lot of money, but also need to protect the safety of children, so as to be able to get the affirmation of the parents, the business will do better.


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