How to fix the whole .

since the shop need to purchase, it is necessary to deal with wholesalers and, however, how to deal with wholesalers, which can be plagued by a lot of operators. In fact, how to get the wholesalers, Xiaobian here but there is a certain business skills, the following let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze it.

first strokes: pay attention to personal image, the boss looks like. Speak with a level of insight, do not speak jargon, so as not to be underestimated.

second strokes: to understand the wholesaler’s character, match up, make friends with it, which can get more price and adjustable exchange benefits. But also through the exchange of wholesalers to see the characteristics of the personality, and then you can choose to believe that wholesalers can trust. If you find wholesalers too cunning, to get out in time, so as not to be deceived because of the industry and other reasons.

third strokes: do not care too much. Who love straightforward person, in cooperation with the wholesalers Zhishuang, will win more opportunities for cooperation.

fourth strokes: the problem of the adjustable exchange, and wholesalers must agree in advance, so as to avoid the day after the dispute. What can be changed, what can not be changed, how long is the cycle, both themselves and wholesalers have to know.

fifth recruit: do not believe too much wholesalers. If they recommend the style for you, always said that sales are very good, or a commodity immediately sold empty, which is actually a means of wholesalers, if so gullible, it is easy to cause the backlog of goods. The store is only the interests of the eternal, do not trust anyone.

sixth strokes: every transaction with the wholesalers of money, we must retain a good certificate. Such as the purchase invoice, the other issue to the other arrears IOUs, the best have a special clip store. If there are arrears and wholesalers, to please the other issue receipt in arrears after receipt to safekeeping. If the other party because of the reconciliation of the reconciliation of repayment, it is based on the payment has been paid off, otherwise easy to cause economic disputes.

if there is no way to do a good relationship with wholesalers, not only do not have access to cheap goods, there may be a very big impact on the store business. So, if you want to successy open a shop, naturally need to get the wholesalers. So, the above Xiaobian introduced these skills, whether the operators will be helpful to the development of the cause?


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