City Commission for Discipline nspection drying out 2015 anti-corruption transcripts

2015, the city discipline inspection and supervision organs accepted the petition report 1429, prokaryotic 575, filing 116, closed 117 (including the case pending a year), 164 party and government discipline (including county level 14, township level 34);

compared with the previous year, letters and visits reported a decline of 14.4%, the initial increase of nuclear power, an increase of about 30.3%, an increase of up to the end of the case, the disposal of personnel increased by 40.2%; (


the city’s procuratorial organs were investigated for corruption, bribery, dereliction of duty and other crimes committed 95 people;

city court system concluded the first instance of corruption and bribery, dereliction of duty 52 cases of infringement of 89 people;


a group of figures drying out in 2015, the city’s anti-corruption transcripts, drying out of the city and the city discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels is the wind Su Ji iron has traces of responsibility and determination.

municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoduo stressed that the city’s party members and cadres to hold the bottom line, toward the high line, the discipline and rules in the forefront. Leaders should take the lead, take the lead in keeping and developing a positive political environment delicate gas well. We must resolutely investigate clues in a high pressure situation is still not close hand convergence, reflecting the problem of concentration, the masses have strong leadership cadres, serious investigation and handling of the masses around the "micro" dark corruption "corruption", make the party’s policy of benefiting landing force.

in the past year, the city’s up and down to seriously implement the "dry in reality, in the forefront of the spirit, the full implementation of the two responsibilities, adhere to the party to manage the party strictly, to promote the discipline inspection organs transfer functions, transfer mode, turn style, focus on the main responsibility for the main industry, carrying out exploration the supervision and discipline of" four forms "pilot, and promote clean government and anti-corruption work, iron is the wind Su Ji, Jiyang breeze righteousness.

anti-corruption warning education base built

to strengthen the implementation of Party discipline and rules of supervision and inspection, in the city to carry out "the discipline and rules in front of very special activities; the new revision of the" standards "self-discipline" Chinese Communist Party China Communist Party disciplinary regulations "as an important learning content in the whole city, Party members and cadres to carry out party discipline focus on learning the activities of 73 county-level leading cadres; the new promotion of honest conversation and Party discipline knowledge test; Xining city built warning anti-corruption education base, the city’s more than 5000 party members and cadres to accept warning education;" Xining city by Party cadres violating law and discipline typical case compilation ", as the city’s three strict three special education warning materials to further promote clean government culture;" 6+4 "activities to create a model of Xining, named after the Municipal Culture Construction Demonstration 25.

2 units due to poor implementation of the notification

held a clean government two responsibility to promote, to further promote the city’s implementation of the "two responsibilities". Municipal Party committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the main leaders interviewed 3 regions, units;


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