held to celebrate 61 Young Pioneers Day theme

May 31st, the provincial Party committee, provincial committee, Provincial Education Committee, the Provincial Work Committee jointly organized the "red scarf to the party · in the West City District of Xining City Street Primary School; let the dream wings" to celebrate "61" Young Pioneers day theme. Provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Ma Shunqing to participate in activities with the school more than 1700 teachers and students together to celebrate the 61 children’s day.

the young pioneers of the school dressed in beautiful costumes, his face covered with a bright smile. Kicked off in the song "Young Pioneers team song", the "soul" of martial arts show, "the boy said" Chinese classic reading, the young pioneers team in the sitcom "micro" on 13th Five-Year "create new life" and other pioneers in design and excellent performances, closely Chinese dream theme, a then a, wins cheers. The visiting experience, the young pioneers actively participate in calligraphy field, copying technology exhibition experience, instrumental, cultural shirt, graffiti small fun sports games and other activities, the students of independent display art, handwork, scene design, every student can find their own points of interest, into activities. The whole activity reflects the new era of children’s inheritance of traditional Chinese culture. Philosophy shows children to achieve prosperity and realize the firm belief Chinese dream, to promote children’s understanding of dream of China identity and simple emotion, educate and guide the young son Tong Zhicun lofty, the growth of knowledge, temper will, fully prepared for the realization of China dream.



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