North District Office to strengthen the integration of prominent brand building


Office of Party branch by Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, fully implement the provincial twelve Party Congress, the Party of the thirteen plenary meeting of the five session of the seven Committee, plenary meeting of the four session of the spirit, in accordance with the requirements of building a learning party organization, with "breaking a learning problem, learning characteristics, learning, learning and practice of heavy development" as the theme, through the promotion of learning type party organization construction activities, efforts to take new steps in improving the party organization’s learning ability, creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness, to improve Party’s political literacy, professional ability, image style has made new achievements, learning system, to explore ways of learning, and strive for new features of learning effectiveness in innovation, continue to strengthen the integration of learning, outstanding office brand building . For the early realization of the "high-tech industrial zone, modern agricultural demonstration zone, landscape ecological livable area" and building blocks.
around the central task. Closely around the region’s overall work, in accordance with the "armed with scientific theory and global vision and mastery learning, innovative spirit" requirement, carry out to learn from books, learn to practice, to learn advanced, the learning party cadres, a learning leadership, a learning type party organization activities, and reinforcement learning consciousness. The office opened a portal, a document circulated system, subscribe to the "information", see the Ampang party official writing, document processing and other books to learn in depth, professional learning, in school, in the branch to carry out learning at the same time, actively play office service leadership, service agencies, grassroots service functions, to learn to expand and extend the leadership, departments, each department issued information to the leadership and circulated learning, let everyone mutual benefit and common progress. Efforts to shape learning model, a comprehensive learning party organization to create a new image, create new office brand, and constantly promote the work of the office level, on the steps.


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