Police courier a stolen laptop brand theft gang arrested

Qinghai news network, February 27th, Xining City victory Road West Branch of the Public Security Bureau police destroyed a laptop computer to buy as a pretext, took the opportunity to steal the store shelves display brand notebook computer theft gang, arresting 6 suspects, cracked 6 cases.

recently, in the victory of the road police station area of the major electronic shopping mall connected to the occurrence of the sale of mobile phone sales of stolen goods, the masses reacted very strongly. Therefore, Victory Road police station promptly organized police, through investigation, interview and check the video monitoring data, master the activities of criminal suspects, at noon of February 27th quickly attack, 6 suspects were arrested in the EGO digital plaza. Under questioning, the suspect, such as a number of 6 people on the road to victory in the electronic market, EGO Digital Plaza and other places to steal the merchant’s laptop confessed to the crime. (author: he arrow)



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