The seventh games in Xining this summer, the war of war chase County

as the highest level of competition in Xining, the largest participation in the seventh games in Xining, will be held in the morning of August 10th, the opening ceremony of the stadium. The sports games including 13 big 172 small.

it is understood that the current games by age divided into adult group and adolescent group, the adult group of project of track and field, football, basketball, table tennis, martial arts, badminton, croquet, pull cattle Lie group projects; Juvenile Track and field, soccer, basketball, tennis, wrestling, martial arts, and Judo three jump and Taekwondo. The individual events have been held since April, as of now, 12 major items produced a total of 98 gold medals. During the opening and closing ceremonies, the 287 teams of the county, the delegation of the industry and the enterprises in Nanjing will all compete for all the track and field events of the 13 teams.

it is understood that from the beginning of the sixth session of the Games in 2009, the city will implement the county city, this year’s Xining Games hosted by Datong county. The Games will be held to promote the social development of the city’s economy, improve the level of competitive sports, is of great significance to enhance the grade of the summer capital of the Xining city. (author: Shen Lianghua)


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