Xining city traffic police detachment deployed during the national day of traffic safety work

National Day approaching, in order to ensure road traffic safety during the holiday season, orderly, smooth, to prevent heavy road traffic accidents, to create a good road traffic environment. Xining city traffic police detachment to strengthen road traffic safety management, and earnestly do a good job of traffic safety, to ensure safe and smooth road area.

order management to ensure smooth road safety. During the National Day this year for private car trips, visit relatives and friends, delegation to participate in the mass tourism will grow exponentially in practice than in previous years, therefore, Xining city traffic police detachment attention during the national day of the road traffic safety management, intensify the management of passenger vehicles and private cars. Strengthen the inspection of more than 7 passenger vehicles, especially inter provincial long-distance passenger vehicles, tourist vehicles, so that every car will be checked by car registration. The brigade deployed police brigade will be carried out special operations, to ensure that the day to see a police car, see the night lights, do 24 hours out of control, no leakage of pipe. Focus on bus overcrowding, overloading, motor vehicle speeding, drunk driving, fatigue driving, Wupaiwuzheng, passenger tricycle and other serious traffic violations, to limit penalties, to eliminate hidden danger is not determined not to release, the formation of a high pressure situation crackdown, to eliminate all kinds of traffic safety problems, to ensure that no time and long hair growth the distance of traffic jams, to ensure road safety, orderly and smooth.

increase investigation and rectification security risks. Detachment in conjunction with transportation, safety supervision and other relevant departments to focus on the area of passenger vehicles, each passenger transport company, freight company to carry out safety inspection, and urge all units to strengthen internal security management, implement the safety learning system, check out the system, check the safety status by car, vehicle driving and driving traffic illegal record qualification the passenger, urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility for production safety, eliminate security risks in a timely manner.

strengthen propaganda. Detachment requires the brigade through a variety of publicity campaigns to promote the safety of travel notes, publicity Road Traffic Safety knowledge. Further passenger station area, the bustling streets and markets, to carry out targeted traffic safety education of drivers and the masses, the masses to improve the awareness of safe travel during the holiday season.

strengthen supervision and inspection efforts. The detachment of leadership in-depth traffic management work, key areas, key sections of the accident prone to carry out a thorough investigation, focus on examination of field work of production safety measures of passenger transport enterprises and passenger stations and the implementation of hidden investigation and rectification, timely detection of problems existing in the work and the weak link, efforts will work measures implemented.



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