Why can free public toilets make big money

free public toilets for the big city is a exist, can not be a lack of government however, every year for a public that the investment cost is high, but have not heard of such a place can also make money. But in Germany, a company that offers free public toilets earns 30 million euros a year. How does it lead the free model to the bottom line and make it work?

in Germany, any individual and business have the right to operate public toilet. Because Germany’s public sector is market-oriented, through the auction contract to some enterprises to operate, such as the city’s public transport, urban environmental protection is operated by Private Companies. The government will also invest in some projects.

companies operating in Germany in the public sector, the government will be in the management and policy on the way to the green light, especially the operation of public toilets. Because the government believes that the cause of public toilets to achieve the market, can not only make up the inadequacy of government funds, accelerate the pace of city construction, the convenience of the people, but also can promote the innovation of public toilets in energy saving, water saving and environmental protection technology, and promote the new technology, new invention enterprises will be applied to real life, the science and technology rapidly into productivity, this is a "win-win".

provisions of the German government, the bustling city every 500 meters there is a public toilet; general road every 1000 meters should be built a public toilet; other area per square kilometer 2 to 3 toilets; the whole city public toilets have rate should be 1000 per 500 – A.

operating toilets can earn money? Certainly it is difficult to make money, the distribution of toilets in a city is so scattered, the construction and operation of a toilet cost is not low, but every toilet price rigidity and strong, it is difficult to price, and if a call without money or no change, you say you do?

Germany, this is called "John King" Hans Wahl · in 1990 the public toilet management right in Berlin auction with the government said: you put the toilet bag to me, I dare to take, and promised to provide free. At that time, their competitors thought Wahl was crazy. Their calculations, if calculated in accordance with the high price of 0.5 euros per person charge, a time of a Berlin city have to pay 1 million euros. So in the absence of competition, promised to build toilets free of charge, just to pay the case of low management fees, won the right to operate a public toilet in Berlin.


is the enterprise, must be profitable for the first goal, Wahl’s profitability is clearly not in the toilet door 0.5 euro coin mouth.

their biggest source of income is advertising. Wahl offers free public toilet facilities to the municipal government, and even the maintenance of these facilities and cleaning work also overall. In return, Wahl.


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