This year the cost of public spending significantly reduced

the upcoming Lunar New Year, the major shopping malls, supermarkets surging tide of people, cheap vegetables, fresh beef and mutton, discount clothing, are people with special purchases for the Spring Festival list. To ensure market supply, stabilize prices is an important measure to protect the livelihood of the municipal government, the reporter visited the major supermarkets found that adequate supply of meat, vegetables and other major necessities, shopping malls and other discount Rangli activities attract many customers, be permeated with the flavor, compared to previous years, this year the new year was down the cost of the public.
discount none more affordable in the Wangfujing department store, department store and other major shopping malls in the aromatic flavor, all kinds of clothing, daily necessities, all at a discount on sale, part of the winter clothing discount to 2-3 fold, usually thousands of dollars a few hundred dollars can buy clothes. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, before the holiday, the major shopping malls and supermarkets to exhibitions, festivals, anniversary and other activities as an opportunity to take a variety of ways, for clothing, shoes and hats, appliances and other goods on sale, increase the intensity of discounts, expand consumption, let the public have a low cost of the spring festival.


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