The first quarter of the third job market in the industry’s most cattle new jobs in the city of 15 t

reporter yesterday from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that the first quarter of the province’s 15 thousand and 200 new urban jobs. Three months ago, the province has increased the system reform, decentralization, accelerate structural adjustment and industrial restructuring and upgrading, and vigorously support the Small and micro businesses and family service industry and the third industry development, reform dividends continue to release, promote employment and entrepreneurship.

from the market in the allocation of human resources market, the first three months of statistics, private enterprises, Small and micro businesses accounted for 82% of the total admission job, state-owned enterprises, large enterprises accounted for only 18% of market dominance to promote employment and further enhance. From the employment of multiple, leasing business sector employment grew 68.25%, resident services employment grew 35.51%, accommodation and catering industry employment grew 27.03%, entertainment industry employment grew 20.23%, a quarter of urban employment 3693 people, an increase of 24.22%, driven by the province’s urban employment by 26.03 percentage points, to become the new employment and entrepreneurship format, new engine and new growth point.

in the first quarter, the province’s labor employment has increased, from the external market, the province’s labor output mainly to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin and the southern region, the state-owned farms of large and medium-sized enterprises, to reduce the number of jobs, some degree of enterprise, middle school or high school above requirements out this year. From their own conditions, three months ago, the province’s human resources market demand for professional technical, marketing, financial business civilian computer respectively accounted for 38%, 24% and 13% of primary skills, physical labor demand is reduced by 10%.



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