Yesterday, the 11 thousand Central Plaza Advisory rights

yesterday morning, the central square crowded, bustling, jointly organized by the provinces, cities Industrial and Commercial Bureau Consumer Association "to enjoy the treatment of consumer rights large propaganda service activities kicked off here. Reporters from the City Consumers Association was informed that the day a total of 11 thousand people poured into the square of the complaints consulting, as of the day of 12, 5 complaints desk on-site handled the scene 26 complaints, 25 thousand yuan in economic losses of consumers.
it is reported that during the 15 year of 3· a large square campaign consulting services, in addition to the establishment of consumer complaints scene Taiwan become the focus, showcase of fake and shoddy goods has been favorable for consumers. Reporters learned from the City Consumers Association, this year, 3· 15, the City Consumers Association in the Central Plaza, a total of fake and shoddy goods set up a display of the 20, the scene shows the 12 major categories of counterfeit and shoddy goods. Reporters saw at the event, the staff of these fake and shoddy goods on the display platform, immediately attracted hundreds of consumers onlookers, consulting. Consumers Uncle Zhang told reporters that he 3· a year; 15 the most love counterfeit showcase, in addition to the scene to allow staff to identify their buy goods is not fake, but also learn to identify fake and shoddy goods tips, little knowledge, it is benefit.
to take up arms to protect themselves a small brochure, a thin brochure for consumers, when their enthusiastic staff will send to you when you read, study, do you know in violation of their legitimate rights and interests, to turn it into a sword to protect their legitimate rights and interests? I believe that many people will receive most of these information will be discarded. Chengdong District Consumers Association Secretary General Wu Baowen in an interview with reporters reminded, "after the implementation of the new consumer law" in fact, there are a lot of content to maximize the protection of the legitimate interests of consumers, if every one of us can read, understand, even if not by the associations, consumers can also pick up a powerful weapon protect yourself.


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