The 51 holiday West train station 9 black car was seized

city transportation Inspection Brigade, "51" small holiday period, the city transportation inspection team to investigate the illegal operation of the black car 9, illegal "fight off" taxi 8, capacity car appearance is not neat, no 18 taxi license 6 cars in the West train station.

West Train Station illegal operation "black car" transportation and taxi meter "fight off" to require the use of soliciting, pay more attention to the municipal government, the Department of transportation requirements severely punished. City Transportation inspection team according to the Municipal Bureau of transportation arrangements, law enforcement officers dispatched with fixed-point and flow combination, carry out the fight against the illegal operation, regulate the taxi market special rectification action to crack down on the illegal operation of "black" and "rejection, fight off", and the West train station around the illegal operation of the "black car" 9 a random and "fight off" soliciting a taxi 8. By carrying out special rectification actions, undocumented black car illegal business phenomenon has been effectively curbed, taxi business behavior has been clearly standardized.



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