Xining North District to further promote the area of enterprises to carry out technological innovati

this year, the city of Xining city to further promote the area of enterprises to carry out technological innovation.
North District adhere to the science and technology play a role in supporting and leading, relying on scientific and technological progress and innovation, the adjustment of economic structure, change the mode of economic growth, promoting the construction of innovative district. This year, the North District plans to implement the Qinghai Jieshen group of swing arm type self loading garbage truck technology research projects, Qinghai machine tool company milling compound machining center project and Xining Beichuan coal company application of microwave desulfurization technology for production of fine coal desulfurization project three technology innovation projects, overhaul and environmental protection technology upgrading steel construction projects supporting the transformation of power grid the reconstruction project, Qinghai electric power company Qinghai electric power service Equipment Manufacturing Company tower steel production line, Qinghai Zhao Ning building materials autoclaved aerated block projects and other types of technical transformation project 13, project total investment of 1 billion 573 million yuan.



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