White collar holiday in January to sell moon cake votes earn higher wages

the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, arrived again when you panic buying moon cake, the moon cake ticket for everybody is not strange, is this small moon cake ticket can make a white-collar workers earn 60 thousand yuan in a month, then the story is what kind of?

"XX floor recruitment moon cake ticket clerk", "Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the moon cake ticket sales, greatly profitable"…… Moon cake sales season approaching, recruiting moon cake coupons post posts have appeared on the Internet, including Chen Yong (a pseudonym), the company. A candidate for the students of Ronaldinho, told reporters about the training and experience of part-time sales of moon cake coupons, mode of operation and the company sales of moon cake coupons.

to the company’s way of recruiting, training and management of hundreds of young moon cake sales staff, build a strong sales network of the moon cake coupons, Chen Yong aroused our interest. He is a dealer? Moon cake coupons agents? Or a senior cattle? Moon cake coupons this business, to bring him how much profit? After repeated communication, yesterday, Chen Yong finally agreed to accept the morning news reporter’s interview.

Apply to

on work flow Wang Fei introduced to Ronaldinho so: business customers in the first run, and customers are settled moon cake brand and price, must inform the supervisor and inform the detailed sales situation, and then contact the company to form, companies receive coupons.

sales profit is the price difference

The first day of


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