The province’s safe production liability insurance number of over ten million people insured

recently, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial safety production supervision authority learned that the province’s pilot industry production safety liability insurance work since the end of August last year in advance, safety supervision departments at all levels attach great importance to the enterprise and the positive response, the safe production liability insurance premiums to promote the work and achieved remarkable results, realizes the benign interaction between safety and insurance. To promote the system of construction safety risk prevention and control.

as of now, Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Golog, Haixi and Haibei completed production safety liability insurance premiums and start the training work, promote the work progress faster, premium 5 million 200 thousand yuan, insurance companies in 84, the number of participating non registered up to 11476 people, guarantee the amount of 270 million yuan. A total of 29 production safety accident insurance during the period, including 4 deaths, 8 seriously maimed, 17 accidents, safety production liability insurance premium Work Leading Group Office of each place casualties within 5 working days of the claim, the cumulative payment payment amount 2 million 700 thousand yuan.



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