Pornography, protect genuine picture exhibition in Xining Exhibition

by the Qinghai anti pornography leading group office, the provincial press and Publication Bureau jointly organized the anti pornography, the protection of genuine picture tour exhibition in July 23rd in the central square. Vice governor Gio de Maja visited the exhibition.

July 23rd morning, the provincial press and Publication Bureau staff in Xining Plaza has been erected in the "anti pornography, genuine protection" as the theme of the picture display panels, pull the signature banner, attracted many people stopped to watch, and carefully read about books and audio-visual products and identification on pornography IPR protection publicity single. Activities in the exhibition of the 29 panels on how to identify genuine books, how to distinguish between audio and video products, to support the meaning of genuine publications and other content to attract the masses of the past. We have to consider the publication of audio books, good or bad, reading books also have differential method is good or bad, past knowledge of it has few relevant units to carry out such propaganda to improve the safeguard the interests of the masses should play the corresponding publicity awareness of the whole society, the copyright. Then they solemnly signed their names on the big banners.

it is understood that the exhibition from the beginning of 2007, respectively in the three states of Huangnan, Hainan and Haibei conducted tour.



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