Agricultural super docking Xining public food basket growing abundance

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this winter, who lives in the south of mountain people Chen Shenghua Boyle have braved the cold in the morning to buy food. "In the past, the winter to the morning market to buy food, not only crowded bus, but also the cold. This year, the price of vegetables Hualian Supermarket market, Wangfujing is also a vegetable basket project monopoly area, both cheap and fresh vegetables."

this year, the Ministry of Commerce will serve as a national agricultural super docking demonstration city in Xining, Hualian, Ning food and other five companies were listed as the demonstration point, so far, has docked more than and 500 tons of vegetables.

"Xining city departments to perfect the circulation system of agricultural products, wholesale markets, supermarkets, community outlets market outlets gradually improve, gradually formed based on the main producing areas and direct sales area, ensure the effective supply of food basket products. By taking fixed-point supply, supermarket counters, etc., to carry out the ‘super docking’ pilot demonstration, at present, has built 132 vegetable outlets." Xining agriculture and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau of the person in charge.

vegetable base increased self-sufficiency rate of

in recent years, the proportion of Xining City vegetables, livestock products in agriculture increase production base to focus on regional advantage gradually, gradually formed a new pair of Datong highway, as the center of the western province Nachuan million mu of vegetable production base, with three county’s three acres of mountain vegetable production base. And the formation of a number of new varieties, new technology demonstration in a standardized, large-scale science and technology demonstration park and production base. Plateau characteristics of the "Xining summer food" brand, and gradually formed and recognized by consumers. At present, the supply of vegetables in Xining light season gradually ease the contradiction, the species has reached 13 categories, the more than and 290.

"food basket project not only enrich the people’s table, but also to help farmers increase income." Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person.

this year, Xining vegetable cultivation area of 400 thousand acres, with a total output of up to 1 million tons, export of 300 thousand tons, self-sufficiency rate of up to 65%; greenhouse vegetable production of up to 400 thousand tons, the off-season self-sufficiency rate of more than.

vegetable industry planning for the future

According to the requirements of

, the development of Xining city planning long-term food basket industry this year, Xining City, the new vegetable greenhouses 40 thousand, reaching a total of 75 thousand buildings.

it is understood that the next few years, the development of pollution-free, green and organic vegetable production in Xining City, focused on creating "a line" facilities of green vegetable production base, to strengthen the three solid county vegetable standardization production base, expand the production base of edible fungi. In the west, two new Huang Nachuan chase along the road and other places, summer and autumn, winter and spring vegetables in open development of protected vegetable development, eggplant, leafy green chicken, edible fungus, three county focus on Building 5 acres of open field vegetable production standard garden. (author: Wang Chunyan)


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