Eastern community reform activities to help upgrade

In the East District of the party’s mass line of educational practice, to the "five Department" practice carrier, to deepen the reform of community service system as an important content to promote educational practice "upgrade", determined to deepen the reform of the "roadmap" through research, to further highlight the characteristics of practice, enhance the level of activity.

clear responsibilities, straighten out the relationship between the powers. Further clarify the responsibilities of community work, strengthen the public service functions, the establishment of community work negative list system, the introduction of the government to buy the service directory, the implementation of the fee with things turn". Comprehensive combing the district departments units work functions and powers, detailed argumentation, implemented access system".

to establish performance evaluation system. The establishment of community work to the satisfaction of the masses and the comprehensive index as the main content of the performance assessment methods, strengthen the application of the result and improve the pertinence and effectiveness evaluation, constructs a scientific and effective evaluation system, effectively stimulate the internal driving force of community cadres and the overall vitality.  


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