Alternative holiday has become a new fashion festival

10 5, the ancient city of Xining after a rain baptism, appear some coolness, although the temperature dropped so that the public are some be caught off guard but everyone in the National Day period, in different ways to celebrate the festive mood is the same, in most people choose to travel to travel at the same time, the reporter also found some health advocates and rich spiritual and cultural life is becoming a new fashion festival.

located in the people’s Park badminton hall, some waving badminton racket, enjoy playing badminton and bring them happiness, though the sports venues in the people in the past is not so much, but spend the holidays here is very meaningful.

just kick the ball sitting on a stool to rest Lv Lin said: "I love playing badminton, here there is often a lot of people to play, sometimes people are not usually work, there is no time to exercise, just before the holiday came to exercise in the past few days has been playing here and feel healthy and happy holiday."

according to the venue staff, taking into account the National Day holiday badminton venue, as usual will open on time, but the flow of people these days was no more than usual, but every day there are still a lot of people to play badminton exercise.

in Xining bookstore, take their children to buy books, but many parents and students, on the two floor to sell learning materials and extra-curricular books showcase before the students carefully looked at the books, comparing different books, want to buy in the learning of their own to help help books, the students here enjoy the knowledge to their fun.

"because in the summer vacation to Shanghai Disney park to play a circle back, so this holiday is not going to go out again, just started school in September, I just want to go to high school, into high school life and study, these seven days is also very abundant, want to buy some reference books home. Get ready." Ma Leping is picking the book told reporters.

during the holidays, go to the cinema to see a film but also a lot of people to enrich their spiritual life choices, with many excellent National Day holiday, the release of the film, but also in a continuous line to moviegoers, different age groups can go to the cinema to see the movie, watch his love.

just finished "passing from your world out of the theater" Han Yufen said: "I am the seven day holiday in the hospital, can not go out to play, only to go shopping in the city, just listen to said that this movie is very good-looking, about the friends, I have a lot of feelings, but also with friends they talked a lot, we are going to see a day after tomorrow again."

do not have to spend holidays on the road bustling about, occasionally relax, like this movement way to exercise, watch movies, read the way to enrich the inner air Festival, is also a happy holiday way.



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