Notice on the establishment of the 65 law popularization group in Xining

All districts and counties, all departments of the municipal Party committee, municipal departments and units according to law office:

first, the composition of the group

by the relevant units and departments, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Bureau of justice, administering the City Office jointly audited reported please leaders agree, instructors by An Linxian and other 22 provincial relevant legal experts, scholars and legislative, judicial and administrative law enforcement and legal services and other departments of the leaders, experts and the backbone of the business. The construction of the rule of law and the law covers all major sectors and disciplines. The components are as follows: group  : long: , deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress in accordance with the rule of law in the city, Zhang Zhijun, deputy head of the leading groupDeputy head of: Li Guoquan, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Municipal Bureau of justice of the people’s Republic of China (
), the director of the office of the leading group office of the city according to law, according to the Ministry of justice of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "
") Linxian members:   "Qinghai Provincial Department of justice" editor Zhao Xiping provincial Party School professor Wang Limin Qinghai National University Professor Ma   de Qinghai National University professor Ma Xudong Qinghai National University professor Guo Fusuo Qinghai National University Professor Wei   municipal Party School lecturer is   Yi municipal Party School lecturer Ma Shenghai director of law firm Meng sea pine   in the Municipal Committee researcher sun   Li City People’s Congress Standing Committee Law Committee Director Lin Zhihong   the legal office of municipal government legal department deputy researcher Che Guoxi, director of the Public Security Bureau Ma Ke,   Procuratorate crime prevention Office Director Li Jingping City Intermediate People’s court juvenile court judge Ma Zhenqing propaganda bureau of Justice legal director Xian Xiuqing Municipal Bureau of Justice Legal Publicity Department deputy director Zheng Yapu IRS regulations director Zhang   building Industrial and Commercial Bureau legal deputy director of instructors under the coordination of the Liaison Office of the office;


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