How to buy Women’s store

women’s stores need to purchase, you know how much knowledge about the purchase? Many novice on this issue is not very clear so quickly with the small series together to learn about it, so that their detours, faster to reach the other side of success.

first, the purchase of a few errors

first of all brands of clothing are located in a certain age, such as 20-25 years old or 30-40 years old. Naturally, the size of the former will generally be small yards, the latter will consider the majority of large code. In addition, the opening of new stores, each of the 10 guests into the store, the 7 is the right people, will not have any size, but more fat guests to the small clothing shops reflect some, indeed. As the stores have to consider this part of the needs of the guests. But the overall size is generally between S-XL. Can not meet the needs of all customers. Some businesses will naturally consider and look for some big size clothes to respond to the views of the guests, but such clothes are not cheap, and soon you will soon be overshadowed by the advantages of mixed clothing.

two, clothing pick pick code

, for example, a brand of clothing has 100 sections of color, each of the 2 colors, in accordance with the general election law, we can see about 20%. The other 80% is no opportunity for consumers to see, that is not even the opportunity to sell. Add color and size. In general, pick up 2000 yuan of goods will feel tired. Imagine that your vision is really so accurate? A $160 T-shirt, at 7-8 discount, there will be a lot of defects, the color is not good, a little small (large) point, with less than my skirt (pants) and so on. 4-5 discount discount, the opinion is almost gone, most of the time, it is more appropriate to see which. To 70 percent off or less, the price factor is not an obstacle, many problems can be accepted. If, in the purchase of a lot of people, it is the other people to buy a big loss. First hand is strong.

three, when the stock is too much fear of goods, the pressure on the pressure of funds

think of a store of goods is too small, the guests can find her right clothes, in addition, ten thousand of the goods, may be able to sell the goods of 50%, gross profit also has 50%.

according to the above suggestions: 1, learn to sell medium and small size, so that business will get better and better.

2, profit to be reasonable, generally 100% more appropriate

3, goods as much as possible in accordance with a brand take full. Size, color, color.

4, a replacement time is normally 1-2 times a month is appropriate, clothing is not to analyze the seasonal recommendation


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