Five types of public enterprises are notified of violations

12, 23, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau held a special action of the province’s public utilities guidance. At the meeting, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, the relevant departments in charge of the provincial media informed of the province’s focus on remediation of public enterprises to restrict competition and monopolistic behavior of special law enforcement action.

It is reported that

, "according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on centralized rectification notice" limit of public enterprises outstanding problems of competition and monopoly of the spirit and requirements of the provincial government, the province’s industry and commerce, market supervision department from May 10th this year, the water supply, power supply, gas supply, public traffic, funeral burial and other industries as the focus, in the context of the focus on remediation of special law enforcement actions to restrict competition and monopoly of public enterprises. At the end of October, the province at all levels of market supervision, the Department for Industry and Commerce of public utilities, spot checks and other methods to collect public complaints suspected of restricting competition and monopoly behavior clues 20. The investigation of 18 cases, 12 have been closed, the value of approximately 5 million 450 thousand yuan, the collection of fines of 1 million 44 thousand and 500 yuan.

nearly six months through the focus of special rectification action, the Provincial Department of industry and commerce to find out and sort out the province’s public enterprises in the business activities of the existence of the five types of universal problems. One problem: all sorts of excuses, overcharging. This is the province’s industrial and commercial departments in the special rectification action found in most, but also the majority of consumers to reflect the most strong of an illegal act; problem two: designated products, forced transactions. This is a prominent problem in the gas industry in our province; problem three: confusion responsibility, forced apportion. Some gas enterprises in our province by consumers on national policies do not understand the situation, this will be by the gas enterprise to undertake the network construction, maintenance costs to the user; four: the black box operation, designated construction. In the special rectification action, law enforcement officers found Industrial and Commercial Bureau gas enterprises specified their subordinate enterprises undertaking the construction of the gas pipeline construction in our province, alleged monopolistic behavior; five: violation of the provisions, without price. This phenomenon is a common phenomenon in the public utilities of our province. These practices not only violate the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also violated the provisions of relevant state laws, regulations and policies of the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau will punish these illegal enterprises in the briefing at the same time, clean up the market order.



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