54 new paving brick thickness than bread

as the vehicle rolling on the sidewalk in Xining City, some tiles are damaged, potholes inequalities that affect the city appearance. This year in the implementation of the 54 Avenue streetscape renovation project, a block of heavy paving tiles are neat. West District Construction Bureau official said, if not deliberately destroyed, these tiles are expected to be used for forty or fifty years, and the general floor tiles can only be used for about ten years.

these tiles thickness of 6 cm, 10 cm, ranging from 20 cm, according to the actual situation of the site, were paved to the different areas of the 54 street. 54 street is a main road downtown, the size of shops on both sides of the street, commercial street, limeng gathered a large and medium-sized shopping malls and department stores, commercial Lane market, traffic flow, intensive. Sidewalk parking frequently caused a large area of road pavement damage, not only affect the street appearance, but also to pedestrians inconvenience. West District government plans to invest 50 million yuan this year to implement streetscape renovation, the current pavement project has been completed.

could do well, small can not be ignored. West District government not only requires 54 Street Streetscape transformation in planning, green building and other aspects of the new ideas, but also pay special attention to the foot of the project. This year, the laying of the floor tiles to gray as the main tone, brick material is a new improvement, the surface is not smooth, go up to make people feel very comfortable. Strong permeability of floor tiles, encountered rainy days, rain prone to infiltration. At the same time, in order to reduce road damage, the construction sector in the region is still on the pavement construction of many small flower, not only dress up the streets, and can prevent the parking on the sidewalk. (author: small words)


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