Xining city transportation system successfully completed the general election

8 on the morning of seven may, the Xining Municipal Transportation System Union Congress on the ground floor of the fourth congress held in the conference room on the ground floor of the board of directors held on the morning of 10. Come to the conference of the leadership of vice president of City Federation of trade unions of Comrade Zhang Le, chief minister of the Organization Department of Comrade Li Xiaotang, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Comrade Xu Cunde. From the city yunguanchu bus company, city transport, 67 on behalf of the company, the rental, bureau of trade unions attended the meeting, the meeting is chaired by Comrade Guo Wangui. The meeting heard Comrade Yang Dongtang made the union Fourth Congress preparatory work report and white Qinghe representative traffic system of trade union third member club made a presentation entitled "fully implement traffic functions of trade union, unite and mobilize the majority of the city’s transportation workers to promote traffic across the development and struggle" work report.

  the report pointed out that in the past few years, the traffic system of Xining city conscientiously implement the "organize and safeguard their rights" approach, play a unique advantage of traffic system and the important role of the trade union organization, to carry out various forms of labor competition and technical contest activities, entertainment activities, help the poor warmth the activities and activities of selected tree model workers, unite and mobilize the masses of workers to make its due contribution to promote the sound and rapid development of social economy in Xining city and transportation. At the same time, the report also pointed out the problems and the direction of future efforts. The delegates fully recognized the report.

subsequently, the General Assembly voted by secret ballot to elect a new transportation system trade union committee and the funding review committee. Consultative Committee of women workers. In 7 the newly elected members of the union, Xu Cunde was appointed a new committee of the trade union chairman Guo Wangui, vice chairman, the other members were Zhao Jingchun, Zhang Jianwei, Bai Qinghe, Shao Shimin, Zou Fengmei; auditingcommissionsshall by Guo Wan Gui, Bai Qinghe, Chen Qu 3, director of Guo Wangui.

Vice president of

union Zhangle made an important speech, he represented the union congratulations on the success of my office of the fourth union elections, he hoped that the new traffic system to better safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of trade unions in the future work, concerned about the grass-roots workers in difficulties, and strive to create a new situation in the work.

deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Comrade Xu Cunde to congratulate the new members, elected members of the Union and the auditingcommissionsshall female staff members, the Union hopes the new team work in the future: to "global work sense of responsibility of the trade union committee; two Time will not wait for me." to the "people-oriented" concept exercise good union responsibilities; three to accomplish the task to "seize the day" spirit. With the enthusiasm of the cadres of trade unions, responsibility, innovation, coordination of the work of the transport system to carry out the work of the trade union, the city’s traffic economy to achieve faster and better development to write a new chapter.



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